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TRON is basically a decentralized blockchain platform which is now an upcoming famous blockchain platform as well its cryptocurrency and the origin of this TRON is TRX based on the wiki and TRON was established in the year 2017 by the Chinese entrepreneur Justin Sun. And TRON market cap value is increased to $1.6 million by January 2019 than in the next month of the year BitTorrent token sale based on its own network by Tron Foundation.
This TRON blockchain platform is can be used like all other blockchain platform but it has its own specialty.

TRON Smart Contract Development   

Here we are going to discuss the role-play of smart contracts in the TRON blockchain platform. TRON smart contract can be build using solidity language and after building the smart contract that it can be deployed in the TRON network. When it is triggered to start then the corresponding function will be begun to execute. And this blockchain platform smart contract can be developed, deployed, and debugged based on TRON Virtual Machine (TVM). In the solidity language-based smart contract, the TVM address is 21 bytes while the Ethereum VM address is 20 bytes.

Smart Contract    

Smart Contract is a well-known virtual contract that is also developed from the blockchain but the purpose is different. That is this smart contract is widely used to build trust between the people through signing the digital contract and also to ensure the safety & security for their assets too. A smart contract can be used to various blockchain platforms using different script language based on the need and it is used in any platforms like
•    Travel
•    Shipment
Smart contract in gambling
•    MLM smart contract
•    Smart contract development in the Real estate industry

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