Raffle / Lottery online gaming script for Crypto Casino

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DEMO:- https://cryptocasino.financialplugins.com/

How it works

Raffles automatically start according to a schedule specified by a website administrator. Each website user can participate in the raffle by purchasing raffle tickets. A random ticket will be drawn at the end of the raffle. The ticket owner will win the pot, which represents a certain percentage (set by a website administrator) of all purchased tickets value.

All raffles start and complete automatically without human intervention.

Raffle Features


A casino administrator can:

  • Set raffle schedule (e.g. every 5 hours with 1 hour lag between raffles)
  • Set ticket price
  • Set total number of tickets
  • Limit max number of tickets that each user can purchase
  • Set the pot size (as % amount of all purchased tickets value)


A casino administrator can enable bots in raffles. On a specific schedule a random number of bots will be selected. They will purchase a random number of tickets. The administrator can specify min and max number of bots and min and max number of tickets to be purchased during each cycle.


A casino administrator can set how much (% of the raffle ticket price) the referrer user will get when a referred user purchases a ticket.

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