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PHP 5.6, MySQL 5.x,JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL


FRONT END --- https://demo8.extradeoption.com/

BACKEND --- https://demo8.extradeoption.com/login.php

EMAIL--- toluxsys@yahoo.ca

PASSWORD ---  admin123

 Features Listed
1. Admin Can Set ROI in Admin Panel %
2.Admin can Set Referral Bonus In Admin Panel %
3.Admin can SET DownTIme PayMent %
4.Admin Can All Possible Settings Via Admin Panel More On the Screenshot Below
5.Member Have to pay DownTime payment Set by admin first before joining the queue
6.SMS phone Verification Active
7.Referral Present
8. Recommitment Present
9.Cross Merging Active Merge any How and Any Amount
10. Auto Merging Active
11. Manual Merging Active
12. AutoPurge and Auto Block Active
13. Recycle Bin to Recycle Innocent participant Available
14. Admin Set time for PayMent to Be Made
15. CountDown Display for PHer to Pay and Gher to Receive
16. Admin Add News & Member Read News
17. E-wallet Recycle Etc
18. Email Verification
19. Admin Set PH time Different etc
and Much More

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