Online Bank Pro PHP Script

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Demo Url:-

Customers Login ID: test123

Password: test1234

Transaction Password: test1234

Staff Url

Demo Url:-

Staff Login ID: adeola

Staff Password: adeola

Admin URL

Demo Url:-

Login ID: admin

Password: admin

Disclaimer: This script was developed for financial institutions and fund transfer agencies to ease daily activities and not intended for phishing or scam. You are solely responsible for any use of this script. Online Bank Pro is an online banking system that facilitates international fund transfer for customers using the included COT and IMF code modules, local transfer and interbank transfer. This is an enhanced version of our previously released online bank.
Created with secure bank transfer modules to ensure fund goes to the required customer both within the bank and any other external bank with premium features including Charts for clear overview of all bank activities, email alerts for every transaction, Fund transfer bank account using Stripe, Paystack and Ravepay Payment gateways. This has carefully been created to conform with all digital bank code  and ethics to provide you with the very best digital banking operation
This has been developed with in built APIs to connect with virtually all banks in order to ensure fun transfer goes to the needed recipient and not another person.


User Features:


1) Secure Login System
(2) Smooth codes and program line for easy integration into existing bank websites
(3) All banks API to ensure safe delivery of funds during transfer
(4) Email alerts for transactions
(5) Already made code structure for easy conversion to Android and IOS Mobile app
(6) Loan mangement
(7) Advance messaging system to facilitate collaboration among staff, and customers
(8) Efficient charts to give clear overview of bank activities
(9) System settings to enable admin have autonomy over the bank script
(10) Theme settings for easy integration into existing bank website having other colour scheme
(11) Bank branch management for easy maintenance of the bank activities
(12) Staff Module for staff management and sharing of duties to bank workers
(13) Documentation for easy installation of script


Support Facility:

Please send us your product presale query, after sales developer support request, customization project and any other queries to our dedicated support: