MeetsLite Ewallet Banking & Crypto with P2P Exchange, Debit Cards, Payment gateway Script

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PHP 7.x, MySQL 5.x,JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL,Lavarel Framework

User Frontend:

username: | password: Abcd4321@


username: | password: 1234567

Agent Login:

username: | password: Abcd4321@

MeetsLite Neobank, Debit Cards, Wallet, Airtime topup and mobile money, Accounting, Payment Gateway, Merchant services, Business Meetings

Start your Neobanking Portal Today.
Only script to provide you with Real Bank Accounts, Real International Debit Cards

Africa Business Features – NOW WITH CRYPTO WALLET

Virtual Debit Cards
Crypto Wallet with P2P Exchange and Trade
Buy Crypto with RAMP NETWORK
P2P CryptoTrading secured with Escro Coin Holding
Agent Login – Cash Deposit/Withdraw
Progress Web Apps for Android & iOS
Instore Multi Currency Printable QR codes.
Virtual Bank Accounts
Your own branded International Virtual Debit Cards
Payment Gateway
Professional Rest API
Donation Buttons, Payment Link, QR Code, Community Page
HYIP Investments
Multi Currency Support (NGN,USD)
Multi-use Wallet
Global Airtime / Mobile Money Topup
Load funds via Flutterwave Payment Gateway
Business Accounts with add on card option.
KYC via Debit card provider.
Merchant services – API, Payment Buttons and QR code payments.
Accounting & Invoicing Features
KUDA Bank virtual accounts.
Real Time FX Trading with Meta Trader 5.
Multi Language Options Powered by Google Translate
2 Factor Authentication using Google Authenticator App
Enable Disable Services

You can now run the script as a standalone Money wallet, Crypto Wallet, HYIP Investment platform and disable banking / Card Issuance services

US Business Features

  • What can you do with our US Version of the script and how do you make money?
  • With our script, you can run a Neobank of your own in the region of your operations. You can have Personal and Business Accounts. Additional features of Crypto Wallets, P2P crypto trading, Buying with RAMP Network.
  • Your users can get your branded Physical and Virtual Debit Cards, They get a Deposit only FDIC insured bank accounts, Withdraw their wallet balance to PayPal or send to any Paypal User.
  • They can buy gift cards or E-vouchers from your assigned agents. ( Agents are small shops, people you designate to offer your services. Users can walk to the agents and deposit / withdraw cash from their wallets. Agents earn commissions from these transactions. Agent can buy vouchers in bulk )
  • We also have Progressive Web Apps(PWAs) with the application. Native Apps are available at extra cost.
  • In the US version, the Bank Accounts, and Debit Card are powered by, and Funds are powered by the PayPal gateway. Coinbase is also available for those who wish to offer pay by crypto to their users to load their wallets.
  • Users can also perform Airtime Recharges – Mobile Topus which in some countries can be used as Mobile Money on MTN / Airtel / Orange.
  • Multiple Currency support is also available. Custom Currencies can be added.
    Your users also have the ability to receive money through various channels. They can create QR Codes, Payment Links, and Donation Buttons. Those who own a store can also use Printable Instore QR codes which their walk-in customers can scan and pay them with. These are multi-currency.
  • The script can also be used as a payment gateway where your users can integrate their accounts with you in their website to accept payments from their website customers. The payments will reflect in their wallet balance. A professional Rest API is available.
  • For business users, add-on users and Accounting / Invoicing features are available. Users can manage their business sale invoices, purchases, estimates, P&L statement, etc from within the script.
  • As the site owner, you can also offer Investment plans to your users under an HYIP model.
  • Additional features like Finance News, Meta Trader 5, Multi-Language Options via Google Translate are available.
  • We also have a subscription model option where you can charge monthly, Quarterly, etc fees to your users to use the platform. You can select what services are enabled / disabled and create plans separately for Personal / Business Users.
  • You can earn with this script in the following ways.
    1) Transaction & Cryptocurrency Fees.
    2) Card Issuance Fees and Aptopayments offers Interchange fees on all card transactions.
    3) Agent Commissions.
    4) Gift/Evoucher Redemption fees.
    5) Subscription Plan – Extended License

Note: The following API’s are integrated with this product and credentials will be required to be obtained. 

1) Apto payments – US

2) Reloadly

3) Paypal – US

4) Kuda Bank ( optional )

5) Jitsi Meet

6) Firebase for Phone Authentication

7) Rapyd – UK & others

8) Fullterwave – Africa


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