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Rider App

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Driver App

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Web Admin. Panel


Account type: Select Admin from the list

Username: [email protected]

Password: Droptaxi

Droptaxi is a full-featured software solution for modern taxi businesses. It works the same way as Uber or Lyft but with more advanced features to give you an edge in the competitive online taxi market.

Droptaxi empowers anyone to start up and run an online on-demand location based taxi business. We have developed Droptaxi to be easy to use, customize, setup and run. Development technologies used are amongst the best in the business. Integrate Droptaxi into your taxi business today and see your business grow to greater heights.

Reasons to buy Droptaxi

  • Production ready software already in use by businesses and making profits
  • Highly performant and stable software
  • Low running costs
  • Beautiful App user interface with awesome animations
  • Smart and accurate calculations applied for coupon discounts, referrals, rewards, commissions and cancellation costs
  • Fully white-labelled with easy customizations
  • Easy to setup and configure
  • Multiple language support for both RTL and LTR language
  • Inter city and inter state long distance trips support
  • Multiple city support with smart currency conversions
  • Hybrid Apps with single code base shared between Android and iOS
  • Blazing fast as no framework is used. Core PHP based server code
  • Actively developed and supported software with frequent updates
  • Detailed documentation
  • Free lifetime updates

Features at a glance

Rider App

  • Profile Update
  • Rider Referrals
  • Multi Route / City support
  • Multi language includes English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Hindi and Russian.
  • Coupon Discounts
  • Wallet / Cash Payments
  • Wallet top-up
  • Transaction History
  • Ride History
  • Scheduled Rides
  • Favourite locations
  • Recent destinations
  • View assigned driver details
  • Ride OTP Code
  • Rating / Review
  • Reward points
  • Vehicle Types
  • Tariff Options(Day/Night, peak periods)
  • Notifications
  • Nearby Drivers
  • In-app Chat
  • Location sharing
  • Resume Trip
  • Inter-State Rides
  • In-app Help Guide

Driver App

  • Profile Update
  • Driver Referrals
  • Promotions
  • In-app chat
  • View current rider details
  • Location sharing
  • Resume Trip
  • Background mode operation
  • Trip meter
  • Time online
  • Earnings History
  • Wallet top-up and withdrawals
  • Ride History
  • Scheduled Rides
  • Rating / Review
  • Contact Rider
    • Notifications
    • Nearby Drivers
    • In-app Registrations
    • In-app Navigation to rider pick-up and drop-off locations
    • Availability toggle
    • Realtime computed trip distance and duration
    • In-app Help Guide

    Web Admin Panel

    • Customer, Staff and Driver account management
    • App management
    • Vehicle and City / Tariff management
    • Franchise (Fleet) management
    • Ride Tracking
    • Referrals management
    • Fleet management
    • Reward points
    • Custom emails for registrations and password recovery
    • Data export to Excel spreadsheets
    • Coupon codes management
    • Message Broadcast notifications
    • Financial / Operations statistics and Reports
    • Payouts
    • Bookings management
    • Four account privilege types: Franchise, Dispatcher, Biller and Administrator account types

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