Cryptomium - Crypto Wallet System Script

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PHP 7.x, MySQL 5.x,JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL,Lavarel Framework


Admin Login:

Username: admin 

Password: admin1234

User Login

Username: test1234

Password: test1234

Cryptomium is a digital wallet system for storing cryptocurrency as well as buying or selling of cryptocurrencies both on the marketplace using peer to peer and on the system using admin configured rate.  It was developed with laravel framework of PHP and carefully engineered for speed, efficiency and security


  • Crypto Currency Wallet
  • Peer to Peer Trading
  • Escrow Payment System
  • Market Offer
  • Coin Locking
  • Multi level Marketing
  • Send & Receive Crypto currency
  • Coin Based Affiliate
  • Level wise commission
  • Crypto Deposit
  • Crypto Withdraw
  • Fund Transfer
  • Vault Package
  • Coin Lending
  • Trade Notification
  • SMS Notification
  • Email Notification
  • Google 2FA 
  • Crypto API
  • Crypto Payment
  • Fiat Payment
  • Mobile Payment
  • Multi Language
  • Multi Color  Template
  • Multi payment gateways
  • Mobile Payment
  • Exchange wallet
  • Multi Currency
  • Live Coin Charts
  • Responsive Website
  • Crypto Blog & News
  • Crypto Depth analysis
  • Google and Image ads
  • Crypto calculator
  • Google Analytics
  • Live Chat
  • Google Captcha 
  • tola1234
    Thank you for this great work. Please continue in that way. Thank you for the quick support I received.
    10 months ago