ChatGPT - Flutter Mobile App for Android And IOS

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Check out the demo of the app on Google Play Store:

GPTalker - Flutter Mobile App for Android and iOS with Firebase and Google Login

GPTalker is an innovative mobile application that offers a range of exciting features to enhance your communication experience. With GPTalker, you can engage in text conversations, text translation, generate images, and text-to-speech effortlessly. The app has in-app subscription plans that provide more benefits and advanced features. It also has a dark mode option that lets you switch to a darker color scheme for better visibility in low-light conditions. GPTalker allows you to save messages locally. Moreover, AdMob ads in the app provide an opportunity to earn money.


  • Text Chat
  • Text Translation
  • Text to Emoji Translation
  • Image Generation
  • Text To Speech
  • Quick Reply Option in Chat
  • Firebase Firestore db for user accounts
  • Login With gmail
  • In-App Subscription Plans
  • In-App Subscription Products
  • Dark Mode
  • Multiple Languages
  • Saving Messages Locally
  • AdMob Ads

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