AquiMailer PHP Bulk Mailer Script

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PHP 7.x, MySQL 5.x,JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL,Lavarel Framework

AquiMailer – Email Marketing Application is the easiest way to send email marketing newsletters! Create your brands, add campaigns and monitor progression. Mailer has powerful features to create dynamic lists using different segments. Stop wasting monthly subscription fees and make your newsletter marketing more professional.

Are you tired of making mail to your clients over and over. We have an easy solution for you. AquiMailer is a simple, efficient email marketing application. There’s no super requirements and no advanced experience is required, You can make your email marketing campaign in just minutes. You can dynamically generate and send personalized e-mails to customers using SQL Server. Program gives you full control over e-mail you can send: use HTML to your messages.


  1. Easy Installation
  2. Powerful Admin Panel
  3. Multiple SMTP Support
  4. SMTP checking and Active/Inactive Option
  5. Create New Email Campaign
  6. Changable email Seander and Subject
  7. Send mail to stored Email
  8. Send mail to group defined previously
  9. Send mail from TXT, CSV, XLS file email list
  10. Total Sent mails Report
  11. Details of Sent mails
  12. Multiple users with Admin and stuff role
  13. Others General Setting’s

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